This Crown pumper was built in 1956 for the Los Angeles County Fire Department.  She was assigned to Station 50 in
Commerce.  She carries Crown Coach serial number F1065 and is assigned LA County Shop number 49132 and was the
last received of an order for 12 identical pumpers received by LA County in 1956.
She is powered by a Hall-Scott 935 gasoline motor paired with an Fuller 5-speed manual transmission and is equipped with
a Waterous 1,250gpm pump with a 500 gallon water tank.  This rig is also equipped with a PTO powered Byron-Jackson
150gpm high-pressure pump for pump-and-roll operations.
pon retirement by Los Angeles County, F1065 was purchased by the Lone Pine, California Fire Dept where she continued
to serve for many more years.  She was retired once again and now
sits outside in Pearsonville, CA along Hwy 395.
Updated December 12, 2009