Los Angeles County Engine 48 serves the City of Irwindale and carries Crown Coach serial number F1548 and shop number 49239.  She was part of an order in 1968 for seventeen pieces of apparatus from Crown that consisted of 15 pumpers and 2 Snorkels.  F1548 is equipped with a Waterous 1,250gpm pump, 500 gallon booster tank and powered with a 1091 Hall-Scott gasoline motor with a 5-speed manual transmission.  She is shown in the photo above in her original configuration and below after being modernized in the early 80s.
Updated February 23, 2008
Upon retirement by Los Angeles County, F1548 was purchased by the Cabazon Indian Reservation in Cabazon, California.  Cabazon is located northwest of Palm Springs, CA.  She served as Engine 76 and later as 276 before being retired and wound up at a used apparatus dealer.  It's current disposition is unknown.
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