Los Angeles County Fire Department Engine 209 is a 1965 Crown serving Watts in South Central Los
Angeles.  She was delivered as part of an order in 1965 for 1 Snorkel and 16 pumpers in various
configurations.  She carries Crown Coach serial number F1390 and LACo Shop number 49222.  Engine 209
was delivered from Crown with the canvas canopy over the cab.  This was part of a process that the Los
Angeles County Fire Dept was experimenting with before it committed to fully enclosed cabs for its apparatus.
Updated October 16, 2009
These two photos taken by Larry Arnold a few years later in May of 1971 show F1390 on scene at a grass fire
with a fiberglass canopy over the cab.  By now, she had been reassigned to Station 36 in Carson although the
lettering on the tailboard still reflected her previous assignment at Station 9 in Watts.