F1722 first served Los Angeles County as Engine 149 in the City of Castaic and last as Engine 76 in nearby Valencia.  
F1722 was first of an order for 4 Crown pumper placed by LACoFD in 1974 and was assigned Shop number 49603.  All
were fitted with Waterous 1,000gpm pumps, 500 gallon tanks, and powered by Cummins NHTF-295 diesel motors with
Allison Automatic transmissions.  When the photo below was taken in 2002, she had already been sold at auction and was
then owned by the now defunct Smokey's "limousine" service.  When Smokey's house of cards collapsed, this along with
many other rigs were sold on eBay as well as through several other auction houses.  F1722 was purchased by a collector in
Idaho.  This collectors estate was later auctioned off after his untimely death.
F1722 is now owned by collector Matt Monson and is in the process of being restored.
Updated September 25, 2009