Engine 144 is a 1968 Crown Firecoach which originally served Station 144 in the Westlake Village area.  She was
assigned Los Angeles County Shop number 49243 and Crown Coach serial number F1551.  She was originally
powered by a Hall-Scott 1091 gasoline motor paired with a Spicer 5-speed manual transmission and equipped with a
Waterous 1,250gpm pump and 500 gallon water tank.  F1551 was repowered in the late 70s with a Cummins NTF-295
diesel motor and reassigned to Station 65 in Agoura.
Updated January 20, 2011
The Town of Paulden, Arizona acquired F1551 from Los Angeles County in the early 90s.  She
served the volunteer department through 2005 when it was disbanded and Paulden received fire
protection services from the nearby Chino Valley Fire District.
In September 2010, F1551 was purchased by collector and former LACo Firefighter Dave Barron
and donated to the Los Angeles County Fire Museum.