Los Angeles County Fire Department Engine 118 is a 1976 Crown Firecoach, serial number F1763.  E118 is fitted with a Waterous 1000gpm pump, 500 gallon tank and PTO powered booster pump.  It is powered by a Cummins 855 diesel engine and a 6 speed Allison Automatic transmission.  Assigned shop number 49371, F1763 was fifth in an order for 12 identical rigs purchased by LACoFD in 1976. 

F1763 served Los Angeles County from 1976 to 1997 serving most of its career at Station 118 in the City of Industry, later as Engine 43 also in City of Industry and finally as a reserve engine at Station 120 as E5120 before being sold at auction.

Originally, F1763 was to go to Mexico along with 7 other fire engines and truck companies but at the last minute, taken out of line and sold to Claudius Brown, Boston FD retired, who drove E118 from Los Angeles to Boston in 1997.  He stored her in New Hampshire.

On November 22, 2003, E118 was purchased by collector Leonard Zlotorowicz, Engineer, Sierra Madre FD retired, from Claudius Brown of New Hampshire.  Leonard, his wife, and youngest son spent Thanksgiving week 2003 driving Engine 118 from Boston, MA to Sierra Madre, CA, a distance of about 3,400 miles without missing a beat, and making a bit of Crown Firecoach history by being driven coast to coast twice!
Special thanks to Leonard Zlotorowicz for providing us with the great information!
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