Los Angeles County Fire Dept. Engine 107 is a 1968 Crown serving the growing community of Canyon Country.  She was
delivered as part of an order in 1968 for 2 Snorkels and 15 pumpers in various configurations.  She carries Crown Coach serial
number F1557 and LACo Shop number 49580.  She is powered with a Cummins NTC-350 diesel motor with a 5-speed
manual transmission and fitted with a Waterous 1,250gpm pump and 500 gallon water tank.  This rig was over run by a brush
fire on Catalina Island in late 1996.  She was somewhat scorched on one side and the County decided to retire and sell F1557
in April of 1997.
After some refurbishment, F1557 was purchased by the Town of Paulden, Arizona.  She served the volunteer fire department
there until 2005 when it was disbanded and Paulden received fire protection services from the nearby Chino Valley Fire District.
Updated September 7, 2008