Los Angeles County Engine 10 was the fourth rig received out of an order for four pieces of apparatus from Crown Coach in 1973.  Engine 10 served the City of Carson and carried serial number F1691 and LACo shop number 49351.  Like the other four in this order F1691 was powered by an NTC-350 Cummins diesel motor paired with an Allison Automatic transmission and equipped with a Waterous 1,000gpm pump and 500 gallon water tank.  She is shown in the photo above by Larry Arnold in an original as delivered configuration and in the photo below by Gilbert Berkow after she had received some modernization.
Updated September 2, 2008
This final series of photos shared with us by Don Pogue show us F1691 in her final configuration when she was serving at Station 117 in Lancaster.  F1691 was retired and sold at auction along with many other Crown from Los Angeles County in 2007.
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