Los Angeles City Fire Department Wagon 89 is a 1966 Crown Firecoach, serial number F1445.  When new, F1445 was
assigned to Station 39 in Van Nuys where she served as Wagon 39.  She was later reassigned to Station 89 in North
Hollywood where she was in service as Wagon 89 for the majority of her career.  As built, F1445 was powered by a
Waukesha Rioline V-8 gasoline engine paired with a 5-speed manual transmission.  F1445 is also fitted with a Waterous
1,500gpm pump and 400 gallon water tank and carried LA City Shop number 60198.  She was repowered with a Cummins
V903 diesel motor in the late 80s and was fitted with a fiberglass canopy and new lightbar in the early 90s.  Los Angeles City
FD received 18 of these Crown Firecoaches from 1966-1967,   6 of the 18 were powered by Hall-Scott 1091 gasoline motors.
Updated May 19, 2010
F1445 was retired by the Los Angeles City Fire Dept. in 1997 and sold at auction.  She was purchased by the Bramm Family
who did some minor cleanup on the rig and replaced some missing pieces and kept her in show ready condition.  This rig appeared
hundreds of times at various shows, parades, fundraisers, and charity events while it was owned by the Bramms'.  They were
forced to sell the rig in 2005 and it exchanged hands several times afterwards, deteriorating further each time.  She was found and
purchased by Devin Hull in early 2008 in very poor condition.
In a few short months, F1445 was stripped down to bare metal and completely restored with the expertise of Christopher Arnold.  
F1445 was sold yet again in April 2010 to former Crown employee and Firecoach collector Bill Hoeft and shipped to Colorado.
Despite the fact that the City of Los Angeles owned and operated well over 100 pieces of Crown fire apparatus, F1445 presents
a very rare example of an LA City Crown that has been completely restored to original condition.