In its original configuration, this Crown Firecoach was the last high-pressure hose wagon built for the Los Angeles City Fire
Department .  Built in 1959 she was assigned serial number F1167 and LA City Fire Shop number 60033.  She was powered
by a Hall-Scott 935 gasoline motor with a Fuller 5-speed manual transmission and equipped with two Byron-Jackson
150gpm high pressure pumps and a 400 gallon water tank.
As built, she was first served as Wagon 38 in Wilmington and later as Wagon 95 near the Los Angeles International Airport.  
In the mid-70s, F1167 was rebuilt by the LA City Shops into a Crash Tender.  She retained her dual Byron-Jackson pumps
and was fitted with a high capacity foam eductor, high capacity CO2 fire extinguishers seen on the tailboard and the hosebed
was used to store foam concentrate.  She was put into service at Station 90 at the Van Nuys Airport.
Updated January 20, 2011