This 1967 photo shows brand new LA City Fire Department Wagon 105 at a trade show before it was delivered by Crown to the City of Los Angeles.  The Los Angeles Fire Department not being shy about experimenting with new technology specified that the siren speakers be mounted above the windshield on this specific apparatus.  This experiment must not have worked out as desired as later photos of this same rig show the siren speakers mounted down on the bumper and later mounted in the front of the rig near the turn signals as is more traditional for LA City Crowns.  Wagon 105 was assigned Crown Coach serial number F1447 and LA City Shop number 60200.  She was fitted with a Waterous 1,500gpm pump, 400 gallon water tank and powered by a Waukesha Rioline V8 gasoline motor paired with a Spicer 5-speed manual transmission.
W105 served the Woodland Hills area of the San Fernando Valley.
Created October 5, 2008
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