This 1955 Crown pumper was purchased by the Los Angeles City Fire Department.  Pumper 3 first served the Downtown
area as she is pictured above at Fire Service Day in 1969.  She carried Crown Coach serial number F1035 and LA City Shop
number 757.  F1035 was powered by a Hall-Scott 1091 gasoline motor paired with a  Fuller  5-speed manual transmission.  
She was fitted with a Waterous 2,000gpm pump with 400 gallon tank and was also equipped with a PTO driven
Byron-Jackson 150gpm high pressure pump.  Based upon dated photos, F1035 was reassigned to Station 27 in Hollywood in
the early 70s and later to Station 61 in the Fairfax District.  Upon being retired by LA City Fire, F1035 was acquired by the
City of Cambria located along California's central coast.
Created July 26, 2009