Los Angeles City Fire Department purchased this Crown in an order of 4 engines in 1957.  Carrying serial
number F1089, this engine originally served as Engine 76 in the Cahuenga Pass area and finished its long
career in the Toluca Lake area.  Assigned LA City Shop number 782, F1089 was rebuilt into it's current
configuration as a Foam Carrier.  As built, F1089 was equipped with a 300gpm Waterous pump, 400 gallon
tank and powered by a Hall-Scott 935 gasoline motor with a Fuller 5-speed manual transmission.
Several items are worthy of noting about this particular Crown.  She faithfully served the citizens of Los
Angeles for 46 years while retaining her original engine and transmission.  This was the only apparatus in Los
Angeles to never have received a canopy top.
F1089 received an honorable retirement in early 2003 after 46 years of
service by being donated to the Los Angeles Fire Museum.  After
receiving a minor restoration, she is back out making public apearances.