Los Angeles City Fire Department Foam Carrier 100.  This engine started life as a High Pressure Hose Wagon
serving the Fairfax District at Station 61 in 1957.  As built, she was equipped with dual Byron Jackson 150gpm
high pressure pumps and a 400 gallon water tank and powered with a Hall-Scott 935 gasoline motor paired
with a Fuller 5-speed manual transmission.  She was assigned Crown Coach serial number F1076 and LA City
Shop number 777.  In 1977, this rig along with several others underwent a rebuild program to extend the life
expectancy of the apparatus.  F1076 emerged rebuilt into foam carrier, or a light water unit as they were
known at the time.  She went on to serve Station 100 in the Van Nuys area as LW100 and later on as FC100.
She is pictured above still in service in 2001 as a foam carrier.  F1076 was due for replacement in mid-2001
with a Freighliner foam carrier.  Although the replacement Freightliner was placed in service for a short time, it
was soon returned to the Shops.  This 1957 Crown remained in front line service till mid-2002 while the quirks
were worked out of the new rigs.  Having lived 8 lives with LA City Fire, hopefully its 9th life will be a well
cared for retirement in a collectors garage.
Update: Fred Lombardi is now the proud owner of LA City FC100 which was officially
retired in April of 2002.  Fred writes that FC100 is in good shape with a strong engine and he is
doing some minor restoration work to get it back to top notch condition.