This series of photos illustrate the changes of Los Angeles Fire Department Engine 203 over the years.  Built in 1966, this rig was
assigned LA City Shop number 60191 and Crown Coach serial number F1441.  She was powered by a Hall-Scott 1091 gasoline
motor with a Spicer 5-speed manual transmission and fitted with a 1,500gpm Waterous pump and 400 gallon booster tank.  This
rig was assigned to Station 3 in the Downtown area and later towards the end of her career to Station 1 also in the Downtown area.
Created October 4, 2008
F1441 was retired and sold at auction in the late 1990s.  She was purchased by the now defunct Smokey's Fire
Department.  She languished for many years being sold on eBay many times and bouncing from one impound lot to
another.  I would say that it's fortunate that this rig didn't get scrapped during that time.  She was eventually purchased
for impound fees by collector Joe Ortiz and donated to the Los Angeles City Fire Museum.