This Crown Firecoach was purchased by the City of Downey in 1968.  She first served as Engine 1, displacing a 1957 Crown
that was in that position, and later as Engine 61.  Carrying serial number F1565, she is powered by a Cummins NTC-350
diesel motor with a Spicer 5-speed manual transmission and fitted with a Waterous 1,500gpm pump with 500 gallon water
tank.  This rig was retired and sold at auction in mid-2003 and was purchased by a collector.  She was disposed of again and
is shown in a photo from TruckTrader when she was listed for sale again in March 2007.  Apparently she was purchased by
an individual in Norco, CA who kept this rig for a few years as she was listed for sale again, this time on Craigslist in
December 2009.
Updated January 4, 2014
Photo shown above from when F1565 was listed for sale on TruckTrader.
Roy Kennedy shares this photo and writes that he is the new owner of this rig and had spent some time around it in Downey in
the 1970s.  Roy states that she is in good condition and runs well and plans are for restoring F1565.