I present this interesting sequence of photos of this Crown pumper assigned serial number F1847.  The first photo shows the rig as delivered.  This Crown Firecoach wide-cab pumper was purchased by the Corona Fire Department in 1981, one of 3 nearly identical Crowns purchased that year.  This pumper originally served Station 2 and was later reassigned to Station 1 where it is show below after receiving some modernization.  F1847 is powered by a Detroit Diesel 8v71 engine paired with an Allison Automatic transmission and is fitted with a Waterous 1,500gpm pump and 500 gallon tank.  The last photo shows this pumper after it was sold at auction and purchased by a collector.  The photo again shows more modifications.
Thanks to Battalion Chief Chris Cox for sharing the history of this rig.
Updated September 14, 2008
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