Engine 2 was purchased by the City of Azusa in 1963.  She carries Crown Coach serial number F1314 and is
powered by a Hall-Scott 1091 gasoline motor paired with a Fuller 5-speed manual transmission.  She is fitted
with a Waterous 1,250gpm pump and 400 gallon water tank.
F1314 was retired by Azusa and sold to a small volunteer department in California's central valley near Fresno.
 She was eventually acquired by the Reedly High School where she underwent a unique and very tasteful
complete restoration.  She is used for school functions such as homecoming and sporting events.  She is cared
for by the King County Unified School District alongside many Crown Coaches that the district operates for
student transportation and retains her original motor and transmission.
Updated January 11, 2009
A lot of "antique" fire apparatus tends to have the hose bed converted into a seating area for
parades and other such purposes.  Never have I seen this job done more cleanly and flowing
with the original lines of the apparatus than on F1314.