Crown custom built this Snorkel for the Yreka, California Volunteer Fire Department in 1966.  It was built utilizing a Ford C cab
and chassis with Crown mounting the Snorkel and unfinished Pierce body.  She is powered by a Ford 534 V8 gasoline motor
paired with a Spicer 5-speed manual transmission and equipped with a 65 foot Snorkel.  A Onan generator was also mounted
inside the forward compartment.  Something unusual on this rig which was not done on later Pierce bodies handled by Crown
was Crown corners were cut into the corners of the tailboard.  She carries Crown Coach serial number F1482 and Pierce serial
number 8477-A for the body.  She was retired in mid-2009 by Yreka and purchased by Edgar in Grenada, CA for the sum of
$5,000.  Edgar thinking he could turn an easy profit listed this rig for sale on Craigslist for $22,000 saying it would make a great
tree trimming truck.  I don't have the specific information available but I don't believe this rig sold NEW, with ladders and loaded
with equipment for $22,000 in 1966.
Created May 17, 2010