The Orange County Fire Department purchased this pumper from Crown in 1971 where she originally served as Engine
579.  She utilizes a Crown Firecoach body mounted on a Ford C900 chassis and is assigned serial number F1658 and
Orange County Shop number 5174.  She is fitted with a Waterous 750gpm pump, 500 gallon water tank, and is powered
with a Ford 534 gasoline motor paired with an Allison Automatic transmission.  This rig was sold by Orange County in May
of 1980 and sold to San Bernardino County where she went into service as Engine 128A serving Forest Falls.  F1658 was
donated to the Virgin, Utah Volunteer Fire Department in October of 2003 and continues in service today as Engine 201.
Special thanks to Pete Muller for sharing this information.
Created March 5, 2011