In 1970, Crown built this Firecoach Squad body mounted on a Ford C700 chassis for the city of Costa Mesa,
California.  It carried serial number F1646 and served Costa Mesa into the late 80s when it was sold to the city
of St. George, Utah.  It now serves as Squad 27 and St George Firefighters explained that the rig was terribly
underpowered for the hilly profile of the city.  Since there was nothing wrong with the Crown body, it was
removed and mounted on a new Ford F800 chassis in 1996.  The body remains unchanged with the exception of
the deck gun which was removed from the top since it would not clear some of the station doors.  It is powered
by a Cummins B5.9 diesel motor paired with an Allison Automatic transmission.
Updated November 12, 2009