San Francisco had three identical Attack Hose Tenders bodies built by Crown in 1974.  They were
assigned to stations 1, 7, and 21.
 Mounted on Ford C-8000 chassis, they are powered by Caterpillar
3208 diesel m
otors equipped with Pittman Squrt 54' water towers.  They later had Hi-Expansion foam
generators mounted on them by the San Francisco Fire Department.  
The rig shown here was originally
assigned to station 1 and later to station 13.  It now resides in the San Francisco Fire Museum.
At the time, Crown Coach Corp. was the west coast marketing and sales agent for Pierce Fire
Apparatus.  Crown did not want to tie up production with commercial chassis rigs at certain times and
directed those sales to Pierce instead.  These rigs were known for having Crown badges affixed to them
by employees when they arrived in the Crown plant in Los Angeles for set up prior to delivery.
Thanks to Aaron Woods for sharing this photo with us.