Redondo Beach's previous ladder truck was this 1983 Maxim tillered ladder.  This rig was built right at the end of Firecoach
production and Crown could not produce the apparatus in time so Crown brokered this tractor-drawn aerial from Maxim instead.  
Like Pierce apparatus sold by Crown, a nameplate was attached to the rig, in this case above the windshield center post.
It carried Maxim serial number 87-1088 and is fitted with a Maxim 100 foot aerial ladder and powered by a Detroit Diesel 8v71
with an Allison Automatic transmission.   It was retired and sent to auction in May 2003.
Paul Clifton writes that this rig was purchased by the City of Corona Fire Department and is awaiting refurbishment to be used for
tiller training for the department.
Updated October 27, 2009