Mike Britt shares the following information:  The Redhill Volunteer Fire Department (which later became Station 21) in
Tustin had a 1951 GMC with a locally built squad box mounted on it.  In 1962, the volunteers raised the funds and locally
purchased a new GMC 4000 cab and chassis, and the County sent the old rescue truck and the new cab and chassis to
Crown who removed the box off the old rescue, modified and enlarged it and mounted it on the new GMC.  The Crown
rebuild included Firecoach running boards on both sides (with the signature "Crown" on the corners, both front and back)
and the addition of a small PTO pump complete with Firecoach gauges.  Since it was not a new order and handled as a
refurb, it did not get an F number.
In those days this was the only heavy rescue unit in the county, stationed at Redhill because they had the longest stretch of
freeway in their district in the county (I-5 from Tustin down to El Toro). They carried all the tools for extrication, which in
the days before hydraulic tools like the Jaws of Life included cutting torches. This unit was in service at Station 21 until it
was replaced by a new ladder truck in 1975. It then went to San Juan Capistrano and later to the Orange County Airport
where it was used as a Foam Carrier utility.
Updated September 5, 2009