The Huntington Library located in Pasadena, California purchased this mini-pumper from Crown in 1968.  It utilized a Ford F350
chassis with a Crown built body.  It was powered with a Ford 361 V-8 gasoline motor with a manual transmission and assigned
Crown Coach serial number F1584.  It was equipped with a Waterous 100gpm PTO powered pump with a 300 gallon water tank.
Any fire at this world famous Library would be dealt with professionally and overwhelmingly by the Pasadena Fire Department as
well as other resources in the San Gabriel Valley; this rig was purchased for nothing more than insurance reasons and wasn't
particularly well cared for.  Being stored in a shed out back, it was primarily used by the Grounds Department to keep the
landscaping watered.  It was also inexplicably very difficult to photograph and Larry Arnold was eventually able to schedule an
appointment with someone cooperative at the Library and photograph this rig.
Created May 17, 2010