The Fortuna Fire District located along the coastline in northern California purchased this TeleSqurt through Crown Coach
in 1977.  It is fitted with a Waterous 1,250 pump, 300 gallon water tank, and 55 foot TeleSqurt mounted to a Pierce
body on a Ford C8000 cab and chassis.  This rig is powered by a Caterpillar 3208 diesel motor paired with an Allison
Automatic transmission and was assigned Pierce serial number 9226-C.
In this era, Crown Coach Corp. was the west coast marketing and sales agent for Pierce Fire Apparatus.  These rigs
were commonly known for having Crown badges affixed to them by employees when they arrived in the Crown plant in
Los Angeles for set up prior to delivery.
Despite the fact that the Fortuna Fire Dept. has a much newer Grumman Aerialcat platform, this TeleSqurt is their favored
rig for use of the aerial device due to its smaller size and ease of maneuverability.
Created November 12, 2009