Brush Pumper 2863 is a 1978 Dodge W-400 4X4 with a Pierce mini-pumper body sold new to the city of San Marcos
by Crown Coach.  At the time, Crown Coach was the west coast marketing and sales agent for Pierce Fire Apparatus.  
These rigs were commonly known for having Crown badges affixed to them by employees when they arrived in the
Crown plant in Los Angeles for set up prior to delivery.  Crown had ordered it as a demonstrator and sold it to San
Marcos the first trip out of Los Angeles.  This truck has only about 45,000 original miles on it with a specially ordered
440 Magnum V-8 which is unusual as most Dodge 4X4s had the 360ci engine.  It is also equipped with a 500gpm
Waterous pump, 300 gallon water tank and a front mounted Ramsey winch.
It last served the Elfin Forest Harmony Grove Fire Department.
Thanks to Mike McDonald for providing information on this rig!